During the day, a summer cover can give some relief from the sun
over a tank top and shorts or a bathing suit. Slip one on to drop
in at the shops along the boardwalk. Even on a summer evening
there can be a chill in the air and these light weight shawls can be
just the thing to keep it at bay.
The Easer Egg shawl is one of a
Approx 20"W x 48"L  
Sh15  $45
The Caribbean Blue shawl
reminds one of a island
Approx 24"W x 72"L  
Sh16  $35
Dawn is a shawl as gentle
and soft as a summer dawn
Approx 24"W x 72"L  
Sh19  $3540
Pastel Mint
Over sized for sun cover
SC1 $35
Summer Colors
Over sized for sun cover
SC5 $35
Summer Wear
The Seashore shawl can
be for sitting on a beach
next to calm waters.
Approx 24"W x 72"L  
Sh18  $35
The Banana Berry summer
cover just brings one to
tropical waters.  Yellow,
Teal, Turquoise  SC6  $35