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If you have any questions or comments about the
work or wish to purchase an item or discuss a
custom order, please use the email link below.  
Please include the item number found just before the
price in the description on your communication.

Special Orders:
The Wardrobe items
If you are requesting information on a custom order,
please include approximate dimensions for blankets,
top of shoulder to wrist and back of neck to below
buttocks measurements for ponchos and for body
wraps from neck to wrist or where you want it to end
and back of neck to as long as you want it, color
range and date desired.   
Any of the products can be custom ordered to size
and color. You can also request any product in any
yarn seen on the site or request a copy of a
previously sold item from the Gallery.  If the yarn is
no long available, you will be offered other options.  
Remember that because these items are handmade,
they may have slight differences.  Once agreed
upon, special orders will require 1/2 upfront as a
non-refundable deposit.  Work on your order will not
begin until it is received. The rest will be due on
completion before mailing.
Please fill in all blanks so
we can contact you
regarding your request
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