Hand Knit Shawls
The Rock Creek shawl has a
green and grey base with
copper fur overlay.
Shawls are very cuddly and great for warmth.  You can wear them
secure with beautiful brooch. Wear over one shoulder and tuck into a
belt as accent color for your favorite outfit. All shawls are
approximately 24"w x 72"l. For custom sizes please us the Contact
Us Form
This shawl is called Waterfall.
Here are some examples of ways to wear our shawls
This shawl was inspired by ocean
waves;  the varied colors of the
water and a little foam.
Autumn Fire shawl reflects the warm
colors of fall and a cozy evening fire.
Inlaid Cat shawl pin sold in the
Accessory Chest
This cozy, trimmed shawl is neutral
and will go with just about everything.
Herb Garden shawl reflects the
colors of the earth and growing
plants.  You can imagine the
vibrant scents of an herb garden as
it wraps around you.
Etched Circle shawl pin sold in the
Accessory Chest
Golden Honey shawl is the
golden color of the sun's
warmth wrapped around you
Approx 24"W x 72"L
Sh28  $55
Winter Day shawl blends in
with a snowfall and keeps you
warm in the midst of it all.
Raspberry Gold shawl is warm
and reminds us that spring and
summer aren't all that far away.
Gothic is light and dark purples
mak[ng the most ardent purple
lover blissful.
Early Spring is a one of a
kind shawl depicting the early
leaves budding.
Mystic Waters is a blue shawl
with delicate green and
purple highlights.
Artist's Pallette is a
kalidescope of color easily
imagined in paintings
Fireside is a brown based yarn
with red and yellow
highlights like a wood fire
This Red/Gold shawl is a tan
based yarn with burgundy
and gold highlights