Jams, Jellies and Preserves

Fruits are cooked and combined with sugar, other fruits, natural
flavors and spices. As little sugar as possible is used to bring out
the most fruit flavor possible. Homemade products tend to be
looser than store bought and will change from batch to batch. This
also allows us to tweak it as necessary based on feedback.  
Raspberries and Peaches and
sugar make this simple tasty
8 oz. $5.00
Blueberry Jam has been made
even better with the addition
of Cherries.
8 oz.  $5.00    
Peaches are cut into chunks
and have just a hint of
almond added.
8 oz $5.00
The sweetness of blackberries
and tartness of lemons play
well together in this jam.
8 oz  $5.00    
3 Berry Jam is Blackberry and
Raspberry with a choice of
Strawberry or Blueberry
8 oz  $5.00

Berry Option