Butters, Sauces and Syrups
For Butters, Sauces and Syrups the fruit has been
completely broken down and combined with sugar
and a few spices in some cases.  They can be used
alone or mixed with other ingredients creating even
more taste sensations.  
A tangy combination of
raspberries, blackberries and
strawberries that offsets the
sweetness of ice cream.
12 oz.  $7.00
This was created as a true syrup
but when a request was made
that it be thicker, this sauce is
the result.
12 oz.  $7.00     
These plums are simply flavored
with sugar and cinnamon.  It
makes a great glaze for ham.  
When the batch is made thicker it
is a butter.
8 oz.  $5.00    
After creating the blueberry sauce,
strawberry sauce seemed a
natural.  It's lovely on waffles!
12 oz.  $7.00   
This makes a tasty glaze for
chicken. Mix with ginger,
onion and hot mustard for
a tangy sweet n sour sauce.
8 oz  $5.00