Hand Knit Baby Blankets
Rainbow dreams for your little one.
Approx 24"W x 40"L   BB3 $20
This pink and purple fluffy dream
is just made for your princess.
Approx 26:"W x 34"L   BB4 $60
Spring Green enhanced by
rainbow insets.
Approx 22"W x 32"L  BB7  $40
This fluffy aqua blanket is as soft
and cuddly as you could wish.  
Approx 26"W x 39"L  
BB10  $40
This tricolor blanket features shimmer
yarn in yellow and purple with pastel
rainbow insets.  Approx  24"W x 56"L   
BB5  $45
This fluffy multi colored blanket
features pastel pink, green, peach,
white and purple.
Approx 24"W x 30"L  BB13  $35
Soft    Cute   Cuddly
What else can you say except
is it a boy or a girl and what color (s)?
This fluffy light blue blanket is soft
and cuddly.  Just right for baby
blue dreams.  
Approx 26"W x 22"L   BB11  $30
This blue blanket has a bit of lavender/pink
woven in. It is larger than a baby blanket
and could be used on a toddler or twin bed.
Approx 48"W x 60"L   BB12 $50
This snowy white blanket has touches
of pastel pink, green, yellow and blue.
Approx 26"W x 32"L  BB16  $35
This red, white
and blue blanket is
very patriotic.  It
also makes Snoopy
dream of being a
firefighter or
police officer.
Approx 26"W x
40"L  BB17  $20
This blanket has shades of blue and
white with fuzziness and texture.
Approx 26"W x 32"L  BB168  $25
This pale yellow blanket is soft and
Approx 26"W x 32"L  BB19  $35